Do you remember August 11, 1972 - the anticipation of Elvis’ Summer shows? Elvis was at his peak, his

band was on fire, the crowd was going wild. Elvis did more than just sing, he became the music. That

night Elvis gave one of his biggest performances in Las Vegas at the International Hotel. It was his

seventh season in Vegas, Elvis’ career was at an all-time high, and he had just finished the famed Madison

Square Garden Show. Elvis’ personal life was at an all-time low. His separation from Priscilla had just

been all over the media. You can imagine the stress circling Elvis, but as soon as his feet touched the

stage Elvis was transformed. He put his all into every performance - every single performance. It was his

escape - he could become the King. As the King, Elvis brought a charisma and awe to each performance

leaving every fan with memories they will forever cherish. These events took over Vegas. It eventually turned into a month-long event. Fans had to plan months in advance to even get a hotel room, let alone a ticket. These shows would later be known as "The Summer Festival.”

Join us July 18th-20th in Inverness,FL as we celebrate the event that took Vegas by storm and the man that changed a generation as The Summer Festival comes back to life! This three-day fest will feature some of the world’s top Elvis Tribute Artists, paying tribute to the life and legacy of The King.