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2023 Schedule

Wednesday Night Show #1 

Showtime 5:30 pm
Doors For Passes 3:30 pm 
Conversations (1).jpg

Join us again with your host with the most Tupelo Tom Brown as he kicks off the 7th Annual Summer Festival with a crowd favorite ETA Conversations! Featuring Bill Cherry, Cote Deonath, Kevin Mills Alex Mitchell! You'll hear all about how they got started with their careers and even some funny stories!

Wednesday Night Show #2

Showtime 7:30 pm
For The Fans (1).jpg

A new addition to The Summer Festival, Elvis By Request! A segment that is chosen by you the fans. Finley Watkins, Braxton Sykes, Emilio Santoro, and Riley Jenkins take the stage to deliver your request live on stage!

Wednesday Night Show #3

Showtime 8:30 pm
American Sound (1).jpg

It's the 55th anniversary of when Elvis stepped into the recording studio at American Sounds, making some absolutely stunning music with so many talented musicians. Recording hits such as "In The Ghetto"  " Suspicious Minds" "Power Of My Love" and so many more! Ultimate Champion Ben Thompson takes on the roll of recreating these magical sessions!  

Thursday Night 

Showtime 7:30 pm
Doors For Passes 6:15 pm 
Doors For General 6:45 pm
Memphis3 copy (1).jpg

Elvis Presley Tupelo's native son and Memphis's own! Elvis lived in Memphis for most of his life, where he resided until his final day. Join us as we go back in time to recreate all of the concerts Elvis performed in Memphis, TN! Featuring Ultimate Champion Bill Cherry, Grand Champions Emilio Santoro & Riley Jenkins. 

Friday Late Night

Showtime 11:00 pm -12:30am
Unplugged (1).jpg

Elvis Unplugged Jam is a unique concert experience hosted by the one and only Jeff Lewis. We bring together some of the best musical artists to jam and create spontaneous music in an intimate setting with just our Weekend Pass Holders.
We believe in the power of music and the ability to create something special that can only be experienced through a live show. The unplanned nature of the concert creates moments of magic that you will never forget. Join us for an unforgettable experience

Friday Afternoon

Showtime 2:00 pm
Doors For Passes 12:45 pm 
Doors For General 1:30 pm
Gold (1).jpg

Elvis was the definition of GOLD

With a wide selection of the most popular and iconic songs from the king of rock and roll, there is something for everyone here. 

You can find classic hits including "Heartbreak Hotel," "Love Me Tender," and "Suspicious Minds," as well as more recent releases like "A Little Less Conversation" and "The Wonder of You." Join us and bring the magic of Elvis into your life. Featuring Bill Cherry, Alex Mitchell, Emilio Santoro and Riley Jenkins. 

Friday Night

Showtime 7:30 pm
Doors For Passes 6:15 pm 
Doors For General 6:45 pm
Promised Land (2).jpg

Elvis Presley was an iconic figure in the music industry, and his gospel music, in particular, has had a lasting influence. Join Dean Z, Bill Cherry, Cote Deonath, Jeff Lewis, Michael Cullipher, and Alex Mitchell as they present a special concert event featuring some of Elvis’ most beloved gospel and spiritual songs, his album Elvis Promise Land and a live recreation of Elvis Live 1974 Lake Tahoe. Come join us and be a part of this special event where we will be honoring the King of Rock and Roll.  

Saturday Afternoon

Showtime 2:00 pm
Doors For Passes 12:45 pm 
Doors For General 1:30 pm
Extra (1).jpg

Elvis Extravaganza is the ultimate celebration of The King of Rock and Roll. Featuring Dean Z, Cote Deonath, Emilio Santoro, Braxton Sykes, and Michael Cullipher, this concert promises to be a show to remember. All eras of Elvis will be showcased, from the 1950s to the 1970s-era Vegas performances. You won't want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind show. Get your tickets now to experience the ultimate Elvis tribute.

Saturday Night

Showtime 7:30 pm
Doors For Passes 6:15 pm 
Doors For General 6:45 pm
Unchained 2 (1).jpg

The Elvis Unchained - The Legend Of The King concert pays homage to the music and legacy of the King of Rock 'n' Roll. One of our signature stage productions will feature multi-media production, and quick changes, and Elvis' career will play out before your eyes see the life of the man who gave everything to his fans like you never have before. This star-studded production will be featuring Dean Z, Cote Deonath, Ben Thompson, Michael Cullipher, and Riley Jenkins. From Sun Studio to 1977, Elvis Unchained - The Legend Of The King will be an unforgettable experience for anyone who loves the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Sunday Afternoon

Showtime 2:00 pm
Doors For Passes 12:45 pm 
Doors For General 1:30 pm
69-7034 copy (1).jpg

Elvis Back in Concert 69-70 is a special event celebrating the 55th anniversary of Elvis opening in Las Vegas in 1969 and the first Summer Festival in 1970. We’re honored to have Ultimate Elvis Ben Thompson and World Champion Cote Deonath recreating the classic hits from both years.
Come experience the timeless music of Elvis and celebrate his legacy with us. Don’t miss your chance to be part of a unique and unforgettable experience.




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Van Der Valk

Vacation Rentals

Hello Elvis Fans! We are pleased to announce our host accommodations for this year's festival! Van Der Valk Vacation Rentals in Inverness, FL! Van der Valk Vacation Rentals offers special rates for our Elvis Family, with beautiful accommodations ranging from  2 and 3-bedroom Condos 2 Bedroom Comfort Houses to 4 Bedroom  Executive Houses! Nightly Prices Range from a low of $135+ tax to $275+ tax. There will be a one-time cleaning fee. They offer the finest Vacation homes, perfect for your Elvis Fest Getaway! Each House is equipped with Free Wi-Fi, Linens, Towels, ROKU TV, a Well equipped Kitchen, and private pools. Apartments have access to the pools at Citrus Hills and Terra Vista. Find an Elvis Buddy and bunk up! The more Elvis Friends you gather together the cheaper your stay will be! 


Call - 1 (352) 637-1140 Or Email At 

The Office is Located at:

1601 N Florida Ave, Hernando, FL 34442 

The Team at Van Der Valk can’t wait to host you! Make sure you tell them you’re with The Elvis Festival! 

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